Wrongful Death

At the Law Office of Jon S. Jacobs, we represent the family members of people who have died due to the negligent or intentional acts of others.

The loss of a loved one is a life-altering event. It is made even worse if the surviving family members feel that the death could have been prevented. Not only is the family dealing with the emotional grief of such a loss but, if the deceased was a parent or provider, they may also be faced with a real and immediate financial crisis. During this time of crisis, the last thing the survivors may be thinking about is hiring a lawyer. However, it is crucial to get an experienced attorney on the case, investigating the facts immediately, before key evidence is lost.

If a family member has died due to the negligent or intentional acts of others, you need an attorney who has experience in wrongful death cases. Mr. Jacobs understands the complex laws that apply to these cases in Hawaii, and he can help you maximize your chances of winning the compensation you deserve.

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